Buy To Let Mortgage Articles

Can I Purchase A Property Through My Business?

Consulting A Tax Professional Or Accountant Will Be Necessary If you own a business in and want to purchase a property, whether to live in yourself or to rent out as a buy to let investment, you may be wondering whether you can do it through your business. The team of mortgage advisors here at

What Will Happen If I Pay Off Somebody Else’s Mortgage?

What Happens If You Want To Pay Off Somebody Else’s Mortgage? Here at , we’ve advised several parents in who are interested in paying off their adult child’s mortgage for them, and while, from the perspective of the lender, there’s no reason why they’d be prevented from doing so, it’s important to recognise that some

Will The Interest Rate Changes Affect My Mortgage?

August 2022 Has Seen The Biggest Single Base Rate Increase In Almost Three Decades Over the past few months, there has been a steady increase in interest rates in an attempt to control inflation. However, August 2022 has seen the biggest single base rate increase in almost three decades – a leap to 1.75%. It’s

A Guide To Mortgage Exit Fees

Exit Fees Could Impact On The Cost Of Your New Mortgage If you have a mortgage on a property in and are considering remortgaging with another lender or repaying your loan early, you’ll need to know about mortgage exit fees as they could have an impact on you and your finances. Depending on your lender,

What Happens If I Get A Different Job After Applying For A Mortgage?

Will Switching Jobs Affect Your Mortgage Application? Your job is a core component of your mortgage application. After all, your prospective lender needs to be certain you’ll be able to repay the money that they lend. However, these days many people in change jobs regularly. But, whether you want a better work/life balance, a higher

Should I Use Multiple Mortgage Brokers?

There Are Four Key Drawbacks To Using More Than One Broker Obtaining a mortgage for your chosen property in can be very stressful, and if you’re struggling to find a lender, it can be tempting to use multiple mortgage brokers to help you find that elusive home loan. Yet, while this may sound like a

What is “Base Rate” and How Does it Impact Mortgages?

The Term “Base Rate” Has Been Used in the Media to a Significant Extent in Recent Months Most people in are aware of the term “base rate”, but not all of them are aware of what it actually means. Yet, the term has been used in the media to a significant extent in recent months,