Incorporating Seasonality Into A Mortgage Advisor’s Content Strategy

Creating Content Often Becomes Overwhelming If You Fail To Plan Ahead!

As a mortgage advisor, dedicating some time to creating an effective content strategy is vital if your marketing campaigns are to achieve success. Creating content often becomes overwhelming if you fail to plan ahead, and you can often miss out on advantageous opportunities that could benefit your brand because you weren’t organised.

Leveraging seasonality is something that every mortgage advisor should incorporate into their content strategy as it will address the specific pain points that your clients will be experiencing at certain times of the year.

What Is Seasonality In The Mortgage Market?

Throughout the year, the mortgage market sees certain, fairly predictable, high and low periods. For example, just before the festive period there is usually a slow down in the property market resulting in fewer mortgage applications, while the summer holidays tends to see an uptick in enquiries as parents rush to move to their chosen catchment area before the start of the next school year.

When you plan your content marketing strategy in advance, it’s possible to be well-prepared for these seasonal touchpoints and to ensure you have appropriate blogs, resources, and posts available for sharing on your website and social media at just the right time to convince your audience that you’re aware of their needs.

Considering The Questions Clients Ask Seasonally

To get started with planning seasonality into your content marketing strategy, think about which questions you tend to receive at specific points in the year. You can then use these queries as a basis for creating relevant articles and posts that resonate with your audience at the perfect moment that they need to find answers.

For example, for many people in the UK seasonal work is still a way of life, especially in tourist areas. As the summer approaches, mortgage advisors are more likely to be faced with questions such as “can I get a mortgage as a seasonal worker?”

Preparing ahead to answer those questions and creating relevant content in a timely manner to tap into your prospective clients’ thoughts before they’ve had a chance to put them into words is an ideal way to encourage them to make contact with you.

Creating Your Content Calendar In Advance

Keeping content ideas flowing isn’t the easiest thing in the word, but one way to streamline the process is to schedule in advance which content you’ll be producing each week. That gives you the opportunity to add seasonal content into your calendar that will give prospective clients exactly what they need to see at the most opportune moment.

If You Need Expert Help

If you need high-quality content, including seasonal blog posts, to share with your target audience, Content For Mortgage Advisors should be your first port of call. When you sign up, you can access an extensive article library of customisable content that will help you save time and effort while establishing your brand as a leader in its field.

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