Should Mortgage Advisors Be Using Multiple Social Media Platforms?

Social Media Allows Your Business To Reach A Wider Audience And Connect With Clients On A Personal Level.

Social media has certainly become the order of the day. Not only are individuals using these platforms on a regular basis, but businesses have now begun to use them routinely too as part of their marketing strategies. Mortgage advisors are no exception. Harnessing the power of social media allows your mortgage business to reach a wider audience and connect with clients on a personal level.

Most mortgage advisors will agree that using social media is essential these days. But should you use multiple platforms? With a world of options to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, how do you choose which ones are most effective, and decide whether it’s worth your while to invest your time and effort in using several of them?

Why Is Social Media For Mortgage Advisors Important?

The mortgage advisory business relies to some extent on referrals, and therefore, having an effective and strong online presence will give you credibility and help you establish yourself as an authority in your field. If you can be found online easily, you can more easily obtain referrals, and social media platforms give you an easier way of being seen in several places.

However, not every social media platform is created equal, and each one comes with its own opportunities to grow your mortgage advisor business and connect with your target market. So, here, we take a look at how each one could benefit your business so that you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Is LinkedIn Right For My Business?

All financial professionals can benefit from setting up a profile on LinkedIn. The entire point of the LinkedIn platform is to allow businesses to network by building professional connections. It enables mortgage advisors to show their expertise in their field and to share their knowledge of the industry. With almost 700 million users across more than 200 countries globally, it’s the biggest professional network in the world.

LinkedIn’s audience is working professionals. Therefore, when you share content on this platform, you need to share advice tailored specifically to meet their needs. When you answer the pain point queries of this audience and share relevant content with this demographic, you can benefit from greater organic growth and engagement from shares.

As LinkedIn’s search engine optimisation is also especially impressive, so when a referral Googles you, one of the top search results will be your LinkedIn profile, improving your online credibility exponentially.

Should I Choose Facebook As My Mortgage Advisor Social Media Platform?

Facebook is the most commonly-used social media site. Facebook offers the unique capability to share both personal and professional content, so you can share both industry content and personal information about your team. Clients can also engage with your brand through Facebook, strengthening your relationships.

Could Twitter Be The Best Social Media Platform For Mortgage Advisors?

The concise, fast-paced Twitter platform has around 211 million users every day, although most of them don’t tweet themselves. Rather they choose retweet content posted by others, so this represents an excellent opportunity to be a news source that others will turn to when needing answers to their mortgage related questions.

When you share valuable content answering your audience’s questions, you can easily become a thought leader that other users choose to follow.

Another advantage of Twitter is that it enables you to reach out to local media, other professionals, and community leaders by retweeting the content they post, participating in discussions with them, and, of course, following them to forge more professional networking relationships.

Should I Use All These Platforms?

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just three popular social media platforms. There are many more including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Each one requires a specific strategy to use it efficiently and effectively. Of course, there’s no need to include every social media platform in your content marketing strategy and, indeed, to do so would be exceptionally time-consuming.

However, you may benefit from using more than one. The key to success is to choose the most appropriate platforms to suit your target audience and to adapt your content strategy to suit those users.

Once you’ve chosen your social media platforms, the next step is to create the perfect content to share. If you register with Content For Mortgage Advisors, you’ll benefit from having access to a complete library of professionally-crafted, customisable articles that will resonate with your target audience. Get in touch today to find out more about the benefits for you and your brand.

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