Bad Credit Mortgage Articles

If I Have A Guarantor, Can I Borrow More?

Your Guarantor Must Be Prepared To Take Responsibility For Paying Your Mortgage If You Cannot Prospective home buyers in who are keen to get a mortgage often wonder whether there is any way to increase how much they can borrow. Here at , we’re often asked whether having a guarantor will help with

Is The 50-Year Mortgage Coming To The UK?

As The Cost Of Living Rises, Mortgage Payments Are Going Up Many prospective homeowners in worry about being able to get a mortgage that will allow them to get their foot on the property ladder. As the cost of living rises, mortgage payments are going up and a standard term mortgage may seem unaffordable. However,

What is “Base Rate” and How Does it Impact Mortgages?

The Term “Base Rate” Has Been Used in the Media to a Significant Extent in Recent Months Most people in are aware of the term “base rate”, but not all of them are aware of what it actually means. Yet, the term has been used in the media to a significant extent in recent months,

3 Top Tips to Boost Your Mortgage Affordability!

Many People are Seeking New Ways to Improve Their Chance of Securing a Mortgage Deal The UK is currently going through a cost-of-living crisis, and many people in have found that their finances have been negatively affected. A knock-on impact of this crisis has been a revision of the affordability tests that are used by

Are There Mortgage Products Aimed Specifically at Key Workers?

Key workers in are the backbone of the nation, and have provided an exemplary level of service to the community throughout the COVID pandemic, however when it comes to buying a home, they can often find it difficult to get approval for a mortgage that meets their needs. Here at , we are often approached

A Quick Guide to 4 Lesser Known Mortgage Products

Many Unique Mortgage Products are Poorly Marketed Here at , we see a lot of prospective buyers in who are well-informed about variable rate, fixed rate, and tracker mortgages, but they often remain unaware that there are a range of other options that are on the market to suit purchasers who are buying properties that

Bank Or Mortgage Broker – Which Is Best?

Many prospective homeowners in believe that it’s a good idea to give mortgage brokers a wide berth when trying to secure the right mortgage deal for them, primarily due to the costs associated with their use. However, it’s important to remember that a team of skilled mortgage brokers, like ours at , have the knowledge

First Time Buyer: What is a “Decision In Principle”?

A Decision in Principle (DIP) is something you get from a mortgage provider that shows a provisional amount they may be willing to lend you if you pass all the checks. It is sometimes known as an Agreement in Principle, a mortgage promise or several other terms – they are different names for the same