How Can Mortgage Advisors Overcome Writer’s Block When Creating Content For Their Blog?

What Happens When You Encounter The Old “Writer’s Block” Problem?

Content marketing is, at its heart, all about writing. So, what happens if you encounter the old “writer’s block” problem? When you first start out with your mortgage advisor blog, you’re probably full of great ideas. There seems to be an endless array of topics to cover and questions to answer, and you can’t wait to put pen to paper.

Fast forward a few months and the job suddenly gets a lot harder. What should you write about now that all of your inspiration has gone? You find yourself staring at a blank screen wondering where to begin. Yet, the importance of high-quality content for your mortgage advisor blog should never be underestimated. So how can you overcome your writer’s block and come up with great content that engages your readers and sets your brand apart as an authority? Here are our top tips.

Find Inspiration

Plagiarising other people’s content should always be avoided, but you may be able to find some inspiration by checking out your competitors’ work. Investigate their blogs and see whether it’s possible to put a different angle or fresh spin on one of their topics.

Look at different news outlets and see if your can derive any ideas from there. Even trending videos on YouTube could help you find the concepts you’re looking for. You could even go through your old blog articles from a few years ago and look at ways of updating them to reflect the latest industry developments.

Examine Your Own Experience

Some of the best blog posts for mortgage advisors come from your own experiences. Think about whether anything notable or interesting has happened recently either to you, one of your colleagues, a client, or a family member.

You may have had an interesting conversation with somebody that could form the basis of an engaging article, or you may have learned something new from a programme you recently watched on TV. As a mortgage advisor, your business touches on key aspects of daily life, so you have plenty of fresh material sources to dive into for content marketing.

Get Some Help

Sometimes, you just get completely stuck and don’t know where to get started. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to get any inspiration, you should just bite the bullet and ask for help. Maybe a colleague or friend can come up with an idea or topic that you haven’t considered. Or maybe another pair of eyes can help look over your older articles and point out some new angles that you could cover.

Another option is to register with a content subscription site like Content For Mortgage Advisors. We understand the importance of publishing relevant, well-written content on your website or blog on a regular basis to engage with prospects and existing clients effectively.

However, we also understand just how difficult it can be to generate fresh ideas and dedicate sufficient time and resources to crafting quality text. That’s where we can help, get in touch with us today to learn more about our personalised content for mortgage advisors and never suffer from writer’s block again!

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