Email Marketing – How Often Should I Send Newsletters Out?

How To Know Which Frequency Is Right For You?

Digital marketing for mortgage advisors is a vital component of your marketing strategy, and sending out email newsletters is one way of achieving your marketing goals. However, there is one question that many mortgage advisors ask – “how often do I need to send out email newsletters?”

Of course, as you might imagine, there’s no single answer to that question. While some clients will want to receive regular updates, others are happy to only get their newsletter once a month and become irritated at more frequent communications. So, how do you know which frequency is right for you?

What Happens If I Email Too Often?

The top reason for people to unsubscribe from their email lists is because they get too many messages. The second reason is because they don’t find the content they receive relevant. If you overshare your marketing, it becomes less effective as it lowers the click through rate and increases the number of people who are likely to unsubscribe. If you’ve dedicated time, money, and effort to building up and nurturing your email subscribers list, you don’t want to run the risk of ruining it all with over-frequent newsletters.

Segmenting Email Lists

The first step to maximise the effectiveness of your email newsletter marketing campaign is to segment the list into different categories. Splitting up the list into existing clients and prospects should be your initial move. Then you can continue sub-segmenting based on life stages, occupations, family circumstances, and more. Segmented email newsletter campaigns see better open and click-through rates as well as fewer people unsubscribing.

Sending Only High-Value Content

It can be tempting to just send out an email newsletter for the sake of it. But that’s a poor course of action. Sending out irrelevant updates on a weekly basis is just as bad as spending hours on creating dull in-depth monthly newsletters which nobody will read. Make it a rule that you only send out content in your newsletters that offers the readers value and that addresses their needs. Whether you send it out weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, as long as readers are engaged, they won’t unsubscribe.

Stay Consistent

Consistency lies at the heart of building up trust in your readership. Your subscribers expect to receive their newsletter on a specific schedule, so make sure you don’t disappoint them. Making a schedule in advance of what you’ll be including in your newsletters and the dates that you’ll be sending them out will help you stay on track.

Are My Email Newsletters Working?

The only real way to check if your email newsletter marketing strategy is working is by looking at the data and analysing it. You need to check the open rates, conversions, and click-through rates. On average, good open rates come in at about 24.8%, while a good click-through rate should be about 2.7%. As for unsubscribe rates, you’re looking for a figure about 0.2%. If your figures don’t match up, you may either be sending out too many email newsletters or you may be sending out irrelevant content.

If the frequency of your emails is the problem, try extending the time between them to see if it makes any difference. On the other hand, if your content is the issue, you may need to try a new tactic. Here at Content For Mortgage Advisors, we’re specialists in creating personalised, high-quality content for people in your industry.

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