3 Common SEO Errors to Avoid In Mortgage Advisor Content

Google Values High-Quality, Relevant Content

It’s all-too-easy to make a costly mistake when it comes to SEO for mortgage advisor content. One major issue is that search engine optimisation only produces organic ranking increases several weeks or months after its implementation.

Therefore, it could be a long time before you realise your errors. With this in mind, we thought we should outline three of the most common SEO errors that mortgage advisors make in their marketing content so you can be aware of them and avoid the pitfalls yourself.

1.Non-Personalised Content

Google values high-quality, relevant content when determining its search engine rankings. Yet too many mortgage advisors take shortcuts when producing content for their websites and blogs. It can be tempting to “borrow” an article from a different website then publish it yourself to save time and effort, but that’s just false economy.

Not only could you be putting yourself at risk of accusations of plagiarism from the content’s original creator, but you’ll also be running the risk of Google’s sanctions. You can’t trick the search engines, and eventually they’ll detect that your copy isn’t original and your site will drop down the rankings until your prospective clients can no longer find it. Creating your own, unique, and personalised content is, therefore, essential if you want to maximise your ranking.

2.Not Identifying Your Target Audience

There’s a common misconception that having content, any content, is better than having none. That can lead to mortgage advisors creating content that is too general or irrelevant to be of any use to their prospective clientele. Having a target audience that is clearly defined is imperative for creating engaging content that resonates with the most appropriate market.

After all, if your ideal client is someone looking for advice about bad credit mortgages, they’re not going to be interested in content aimed at people with a high credit score. Mortgage advisor SEO content that tries to speak to everybody ends up speaking to nobody, and that damages your overall domain authority. You need to know who you’re aiming your blogs at and target those readers accordingly with the most appropriate keywords and phrases.

3.Overlooking Onsite SEO

SEO for mortgage advisors isn’t as easy as just writing an excellent article and publishing it. There are some essential onsite SEO elements that you also need to pay attention to. These include Meta Descriptions and Titles, Alt Tags, and H3 and H2 tags.

Overlooking these aspects of your blog or website will lead to sub-optimal rankings on the search engine results. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to address these issues and to get your content up to scratch so it can rank more highly.

Tailored Quality Content Is Key

The best way to avoid the most common mortgage advisor SEO mistakes is to produce high-quality, relevant, engaging content that is tailored to the needs of a well-defined target audience. Here at Content For Mortgage Advisors, we can help by providing personalised premium content that meets the requirements of your industry. Click here to find out more about what we do, or get in touch by clicking here.

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