How Can I Boost Domain Authority For My Mortgage Broker Website?

It’s Important To Understand How Domain Authority Can Affect Your Website’s Performance

There’s a lot to think about when running your mortgage broker website, so the idea of having something else to add to the mix may sound overwhelming. Yet, you need to understand the importance of Domain Authority and how it can affect your website’s success.

The Domain Authority metric is designed to work out how authoritative your website is. This is achieved by carrying out an analysis of your website’s backlink profile before scoring it out of a hundred. Although some people don’t believe that domain authority is relevant for SEO purposes, that isn’t actually true, and healthy backlinks that point to the pages on your website are the top factor that can boost your site’s Domain Authority.

Plenty of backlinks are said to be an excellent measure of the authority of a website since, theoretically at least, websites will only create a link to another site if its content is deemed to be worthy of linking to. When sites have lots of backlinks, that means that lots of people can vouch for the content quality. The higher the Domain Authority of the sites that link back to your own website, the more authority Google gives your brand.

Getting The Basics Of Domain Authority Right

The first step to boosting your Domain Authority is to ensure your website has been properly set up with optimised on-page content, speedy loading, and mobile-friendliness as standard. SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential for Domain Authority as well as search engine rankings, so ‘image alt’ tags, title tags and content must all be properly optimised.

Improve Your Internal Links

While earning plenty of external links is important, internal links are vital too. They help your visitors to find the information they need, improving user experience exponentially. Also, internal links are helpful for SEO overall and allow visitors to easily direct to lead generation web pages. Well-placed internal links will also stop visitors from quitting your site because they’re frustrated while keeping them fully engaged. One further benefit to internal links is that they make it simple for search engines to fully index your site.

Building High-Quality Backlinks

As we’ve already pointed out, high-quality backlinks couldn’t be more important for your Domain Authority, and the more backlinks you have, the better your score is. So, how can you get more quality backlinks?

The answer lies in creating excellent content. An authoritative website is only going to link to the content on your site if it’s impressive and relevant. That means you need to take the time to create mortgage content that’s an improvement on what’s already online. Once you’ve created excellent content, you need to promote it via social media and email marketing so that your opportunities for more backlinks can get a further boost.

You should also consider taking a proactive link-building approach by contacting authoritative sites to ask them for backlinks. Guest blogging is an effective way of building more backlinks, as is getting in contact with websites that have mentioned your brand but haven’t added links to your website.

While you may think that all backlinks are good, that isn’t always the case. Backlinks need to be high-quality to increase Domain Authority scores, so you need to focus on reputable sites that are respected and well-known and steer clear of backlinks from spammy and unknown websites.

Creating Linkable Content

Now you know the importance of quality backlinks, how can you go about getting more of them? Linkable content is the answer. Excellent content is more likely to be linked to by authoritative sites. So you need to ensure your content is relevant to both your audience and your brand itself, as well as being well-written, creative, and informative.

When you create outstanding mortgage content and engage with consumers and followers on your social media platforms in meaningful ways, you can boost your reputation as a leading authority in its field while also strengthening your brand identity. In turn, this will not only increase traffic to your website but will also boost the external links you can gain from other quality sources.

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