How do I Create a Content Strategy for Social Media for my Mortgage Advisor Business?

Social Media Has an Impressive Power to Reach a Wider Audience and Generate More Business Opportunities

When it comes to marketing strategies, mortgage advisors often feel quite conflicted when it comes to social media channels. While social media invariably has an impressive power to reach a wider audience and generate more business opportunities, it also requires effort and consistency.

That is precisely why you need a strong social media content strategy, and here, we give you some helpful advice to get you started.

Choose Realistic Goals

The first step in creating an effective content strategy for social media is knowing what you want to achieve. It’s essential to be realistic about your goals and the amount of effort and time you have available to dedicate to achieving them.

It’s unlikely that your mortgage advisor brand will achieve “influencer” status straight away, so bringing your goals into line with what you’re able to actually achieve is key.

Planning Content

Each of the different social media platforms lends themselves to specific kinds of content. While Instagram lends itself perfectly to videos, infographics, photos, and images, Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal for posting text-based, longer-form content.

You need to ensure you’re targeting the right social media channel with the right type of content to achieve success.

Draw Up Your Content Calendar

Publishing content is important, but it’s even more important to do so on a regular and reliable basis. That’s why drawing up your content calendar is so important, so you can plan out which content you’ll be publishing over the months and weeks to come. How often you intend to publish will partly depend on which social media channel you’re using.

Some, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, may require just a couple of posts each week, others, like Twitter, will require several posts each day to gain results. It’s also important to know the best times of day for your content to be published – something that varies depending on the platform and audience in question.

Promoting Your Content

Unfortunately, the days are long gone when you were able to just publish your content on social media platforms and be confident that followers would naturally find it. Now, you will often need to consider using the in-built ads system for each platform or paying for your post to be boosted.

It’s possible to boost your efforts by adding a social media button to your email signature, blogs, and newsletters. That will help to encourage readers to become followers. Ideally, platform users will share your content too, and that will help your content reach a wider audience online.

Tracking Metrics

To ensure your strategy is working to its optimal level, you need to track the key metrics regularly to ensure everything is going well. It’s sensible to set an alert to let you know whenever your key metrics have been achieved, or if your performance has decreased noticeably. That will allow you to carry out an evaluation, to set fresh goals, and to take action so your strategy can take a more positive turn.

The Importance Of Quality Content

While all of the above are important factors, perhaps the most important thing is to ensure that the content you publish is engaging, relevant, and interesting to your readers. Well-written content that address the pain points your prospective clients are experiencing is vital if your social media content marketing strategy is to be successful.

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