3 Key Mortgage Advisor Digital Content Types

It’s Important for Mortgage Advisors to Know Which Types of Content Will Form the Backbone of Their Strategy

Mortgage advisor content takes many different forms, each having its own advantages, traits, and uses. However, it’s important for anyone developing an effective content marketing strategy to ensure their plan evolves in line with ever-changing consumer behaviour and digital technologies.

With digital content becoming increasingly popular and accepted, it’s imperative for mortgage advisors to know which types of digital content should form the backbone of their strategy.

Here are three key mortgage advisor digital content types to include in your campaigns.


The first type of digital content for mortgage advisors to include in their marketing strategies should be blog posts and articles. Mortgage advice articles can be short or long, and mixing up lengths can be beneficial when it comes to keeping readers engaged.

Of course, you can use your mortgage advisory articles on your brand’s website, enabling you to showcase your expertise to prospects and existing clients alike. But you can also post those articles on social media platforms too to extend your reach.

Blog posts and articles are very useful for showing your business’s knowledge and experience within the field of mortgage advice. They give you the perfect opportunity to show your competence and build up trust with your audience. Also, of course, well-written articles also help your site to rank more highly with the search engines.


While blog posts are great for engaging readers who don’t want to put too much effort into their reading, creating more in-depth guides is a fantastic solution for motivating readers to engage further with your brand.

Getting the styling, layout, and format correct is imperative for any form of guide, not to mention choosing the most appropriate subject matter, however, if you get it right, you can achieve a lot of your content marketing goals in one fell swoop.

Making your guides downloadable make it more likely that readers will return to your content time and again, and you can brand the guide with your business’s logo and contact information too, so it can be kept even more at the forefront of the reader’s mind.

A downloadable guide can be distributed across multiple platforms, not just on your company’s website. You could include it as an attachment or link within email newsletters, or attach it to social media posts too.

3.Email Newsletters

Email marketing is an enduring trend that is still proving to be popular and success with mortgage advisors. Creating email lists, building effective campaigns, and sending messages to subscribers may not be the easiest task, but it’s an excellent way of reaching prospective and existing clients quickly and efficiently.

Of course, email newsletters require strong content, but they represent an effective way to repurpose your website’s existing articles. Also, measuring engagement with e-newsletters is surprisingly simple. Key metrics like open rates, bounce rates, and CTRs (click-through-rates) are easy to track and enable you to action improvements on the basis of genuine data.

Saving Time With Content Creation

These three key types of content for mortgage advisors may be ideal for boosting your marketing campaigns, but they aren’t always easy to create independently. After all, when you’re running a business, you often lack the necessary time and resources, not to mention the specialist expertise, to come up with engaging content ideas and put them into words that really interest the reader.

With this in mind, using the services of professional content writers is a perfect solution, and the best solution of all is to register for our extensive library of professionally created content tailored specifically to meet the needs of mortgage advisors. You’ll find plenty of engaging content that helps your brand’s content strategy really take off.

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