Top 10 Content Ideas for Mortgage Advisor Blogs

Content Ideas for Mortgage Advisors

Mortgage advisors today are beginning to realise that they must have a blog if they want their business to be successful. But it isn’t always easy to come up with great ideas for mortgage advisors blogs. After the first few posts, inspiration can dry up, leaving you struggling for new topics.

The problem that mortgage advisors face is that it’s not sufficient to publish just the odd post now and then. A regular stream of content needs to be produced to build up a loyal potential client following and to boost your brand profile. Finding enough ideas to create at least one fresh blog post every week is no mean feat!

Fortunately, we have ten great suggestions for your mortgage advisor blog, so read on and find out how you can unlock your business’s full potential with engaging posts.

1. Handy Checklists

Mortgage advisors seeking interesting and engaging blog posts should consider creating handy checklists. Many people look online for advice and answers to their mortgage-related questions. As a professional in the industry, you have the necessary expertise to present them with the information they seek. Checklist formats are ideal for giving information in a concise and easy-to-consume manner and can encompass topics such as:

  • What Documents do I Need to Apply for a Mortgage?
  • What will a Lender Look for When Checking bank Statements?

2. Advice About The Property Market

As a mortgage advisor, you have valuable insights into the property market and the financial landscape surrounding it. Your prospective clients are eager to obtain this information when researching their home loan, so you can tap into this need by creating blog posts that give details about the latest developments in your industry.

3. Advice For Buyers

When someone is searching for a mortgage, they’re usually planning to purchase a property, so your mortgage advisor blog should always contain high-quality articles that offer information and advice aimed at homebuyers. Buying a home can be a confusing and stressful experience, especially for first-time buyers. You can help them navigate this complex process by creating helpful posts that address their pain points and answer their questions.

Some topics that would be suitable include:

  • How Big a Mortgage Can I get Based on my Income?
  • How Much Deposit do I Need to Buy my Own Home?
  • How to Get on the Property Ladder

4. Advice For Remortgagers

Although most people seeking information about mortgages will be buying a home, some prospective clients will attempt to remortgage their existing property. It’s important to tap into this market by providing valuable information in the form of helpful blog posts to answer the questions that people in this market sector are likely to ask.

Some topic ideas that are ideal for this audience include:

  • Can I Remortgage my Home to pay off Debt?
  • Can I Remortgage my House to Buy a Holiday Home Abroad?
  • Can I Remortgage my Home if I have Bad Credit?

5. Advice For People Selling Their Home

Although you may not automatically think about property sellers when you consider your target audience, they can represent a valuable market. If someone is selling one property, they may well be considering taking out a new mortgage on another, so it’s well worth targeting this audience. Blog posts and guides that provide helpful information aimed at sellers can help to expand your reach, build up your brand reputation as an authority in your field, and drive up conversions.

Some examples of great topics for this audience include:

  • When is the Right Time to Sell Your Home?
  • How to Sell Your Home Fast!
  • 7 Ways to Stage Your Home

6. Highlighting Neighbourhood Businesses

As a mortgage advisor, you may operate within a specific area, and some of your clients will come from within a particular geographical region. Highlighting local businesses within this region can be a valuable blogging tool since it can generate more leads, increase your links and shares, and expand your reach effortlessly.

7. Posts About Other Topics Linked To Property

Although your business is focused on mortgages and lending, it’s a good idea to include posts on your blog that encompass the full range of estate agency topics. Your target audience will be looking for information about all aspects of buying and selling property, not just about home loans, so you can attract them to your blog by supplying them with the advice they seek. Once they’ve found your website, they may then be persuaded to use your services, having recognised your brand as an authority in the industry.

Topics such as the following are excellent choices for inclusion in your blog:

  • How Do I Choose a Home Removal Company?
  • What Size Storage Unit Will I Need For My Move?
  • What Type of Survey do I Need When Buying a House?

8. General Financial Advice

When someone is ready to obtain a home loan, they’re likely to be in the market for some other financial advice too. Purchasing a property is a significant financial commitment. Most prospective homeowners are keen to get as much information as possible about money management, budgeting, and credit scores before making their mortgage application. As an expert in the field, you can supply them with all the answers and advice that they’re seeking, with blog post topics such as:

  • Will Credit card Debt Affect my Chances of Getting a Mortgage?
  • What are the Benefits of an Offset Mortgage?
  • Budgeting Advice For Homeowners

9. Testimonials

Mixing up your content type is essential when you’re creating a mortgage advisor blog, and one type of post you can create is a testimonial. You can ask clients to share their stories about their mortgage application journey and discuss how your brand helped them in the property buying process. Testimonials help build up trust in your brand with your target audience, and they are also likely to be shared by the featured clients, expanding your reach even further.

10. Mortgage Product Overviews

As a mortgage advisor, you have access to all the latest information about the various mortgage products on the market. Prospective clients are almost certainly looking for advice about choosing the right home loan to suit their needs and may be seeking in-depth details about the most recent products from various lenders. You can tap into this potential market by creating blog posts that give overviews of newly released loans or that review the most up-to-date products.

Bonus Idea!

11. Area Guides

As a mortgage advisor your role is to facilitate prospective buyers to purchase a property and creating local area guides is a great way to attract more clients to your brand. These are valuable resources for anyone researching suitable communities to relocate to before getting a mortgage, and they represent an excellent marketing tool for mortgage advisors nationwide.

So, now you have eleven ideas for blog posts for mortgage advisors. Learn more about how content for your mortgage advisor brand can give your business a boost by getting in touch with us today and taking a free trial subscription with Content For Mortgage Advisors.

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